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“Autumn” Competition for MAFVA Members

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Autumn (“Fall” for our North American members) was the time when commanders planned their campaigns to avoid the heat of summer and the cold, mud and snow of winter. For our first competition we invite members to make a model with some sort of connection to Autumn. When you’ve finished take some photos and add a few words about your model and send it to Remember to include your MAFVA membership number as the competition is only open to current MAFVA members.

We’ll post as many as practical on the website and choose two winners. One small scale (1:50th and smaller) and one large scale (1:49th scale and larger). We have a suitable kit for each class as prizes.

The closing date is Thursday 21st December – the day winter in the Northern Hemisphere begins.

We’ll be a little more flexible on the definition of Autumn and say it’s from 1st Sept (the meteorologists’ start of Autumn)  to 20th December (yes, we know that astronomically it really starts on the 22 Sept. but by starting on the 1st we get to include some of the more popular subjects like the invasion of Poland, Market Garden, Battle of Britain, Operation Sealion (A great What if?) etc. etc.)

You can start sending your pics in whenever you like. We might even publish a few as we go along. Judging won’t start until the closing date. Let’s see what you can come up with a maybe you’ll even win an extra kit for your stash!


We’ve now had some more entries in.  We’ll post the competition entries as they come in so members can all see and enjoy them. Come on, let’s see your pictures!  You can also leave a comment below to let us know what you’re working on even if it’s not ready to enter yet. (Note: this is for MAFVA members only. You’ll need to log in to view the competition entries. If you’re not a MAFVA member, join now!)


“Autumn” Competition – John Ham’s 1/76 Airfix Bergepanzer IV from the 50 year old Panzer IV kit.

Chris Preston’s entry: 1/72 Armourfast kit representing ‘Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf. A of 1er bataillon AS de l’Ain – Meximieux, France Sept 1944

Paul Badman’s Suez Centurion – in progress


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