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SCRAPYARD ARMOUR, modelling scenes from a Russian armour scrapyard.

David Parker, Mark Neville, Andy Taylor, AFV Modeller Publications, 116 A4 pages, soft back, ISBN: 978-0-9935646-0-4, RRP £22.99

A very different take on model-making, this excellent book uses the work of three different modellers to illustrate the techniques of portraying tanks in scrapyards. Each modeller uses a different approach with one tank (these are all Soviet era tanks in Eastern Europe) already being dismembered. The models are beautifully set in dioramas which help tell the ‘story’ of the model.

The centre of the book gives 40 pages of photos taken in a scrapyard to show the flavour of the subject material.

The detail in these models is mind-boggling and deserves study to appreciate the amount of work involved. Certainly to be recommended to both enthusiasts of post-war Soviet armour and modellers seeking tips on modelling techniques.

Review kindly supplied by Casemate UK .

Recommended                                                                                                           Paul Middleton 09/05/17


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