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Sturmgeschütz III on the Battlefield (4)


This is the 14th volume in the WW2 Photobook series, and in this case was written by Mátyás Pánczél with text in both English and Hungarian.  Not being an expert in Hungarian(!), I can only say that the English text is flawless and very detailed, giving really useful facts for the reader.  The two-page introduction is focussed on the mid to late war period, and provides a snippets of information that increase our knowledge of why the Stugs were successful, and factors which limited their use.

The bulk of the book, around 100 pages in landscape format, consists of photographs printed sharply and filling the full page.  These pictures have been carefully chosen to show interesting details, and the quality of the images is enhanced by detailed captions which give specific information about the date, production series, location and anything else that the reader and model-maker would find valuable.

I have to admit that my first reaction was to ask what on earth yet another book on the Stug might add to what we know.  In fact, there is much here that seems new.  There are superb photos of most models of the Stug, including several of the Sturmhaubitze version, which is under-represented in many books, given the number of this model that were produced.  The ‘new’ information for me included some fascinating pictures showing locally applied concrete armour, added over the top of track-links, with the result that rows of guide horns stick through the concrete!

This is certainly a very useful new book, and worth every penny if you like Stugs and interesting information about their use on the battlefield.

By Peko Publishing, available from Panzerwrecks    (£26)


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