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1/16 M5A1 Stuart coming from Classy Hobby

1/16th scale Stuart from Classy Hobby

When people ask me why I work in 1/35th scale I tell them that my eyes aren’t good enough for small scale any more. Is this the shape of things to come? A HUGE 1/16th scale M5A1 Stuart from Classy Hobby?

I’ve got to admit I haven’t come across Classy Hobby before but from what I can see from the box art and the publicity photos they look as if they are up there with the other newcomers from the Far East. The CAD drawings show lots of detail. Just as well, you can’t hide much in 1/16th scale!

So if you find you are gradually holding your models farther and farther away and you’re now running out of arm length this could be for you… Now, where are you going to display it?


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