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1/35th 25pdr & Limber


QF 25pdr & Limber – Bronco Kit with matching Gun Crew

Here are a few photos of the construction of the Bronco 25pdr/Limber Kit, which was completed with the matching Bronco Models Figure set.

The kit is very well detailed and comes with PE frets with additional detailing – everything is there in the box to allow a very accurate reproduction of the Field Gun to be produced. The limber is also well detailed, and the ammunition provided is also very well rendered and comes with full sets of decal stencilling.

I found that due to the fragile nature of some of the constriction and the need to be able to handle both the Gun and limber during construction, that it was essential to mount them both temporarily on card bases to allow them to be completed without damage, but this point aside, the fit of components was very good and minimal clean-up is required when removing components from sprues.

The figure set is intended to be mated with this Kit. Whilst one would usually opt for Resin Figures because of the depth of detail which can be provided, these injection-moulded gunners are really rather good – particularly the way that the leather jerkins are moulded separately at close-to-scale thickness. Some clean-up and tidying of joints was necessary, and some may choose to replace the heads with resin items, but generally the figures make a well-animated crew who set-off the gun ‘in action’ very well indeed.


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