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1/35th Scale Vickers Mk. VI Light Tank


As many will be aware, the Mk. VI Light Tank was used by the British Army in the early stages of the Second World War. Like many vehicles designed in the period prior to the war, it suffered in service from a general lack of performance -mainly with the armour and armament provided –  something of which those who were charged with crewing the vehicle became painfully aware. The tank was designed to a doctrine which proved to be flawed in reality, and was unable to confront most operational enemy armour on anything like equal terms, unless it was similarly equipped – something which could not, of course, be guaranteed once battle commenced…
The vehicle was most notably used in the early war years in the western desert and other areas in the Mediterranean theatre. It was also deployed with the BEF in northern France when war commenced, and was of course then called to perform once the German blitzkrieg rolled across the French border in May 1940…
I chose to finish this build in BEF two-tone green camouflage. The kit is the Vulcan 1/35th model released in 2012. As is often the case with kits of this type from the Far East, it is engineered to a high standard with very fine moulding. Photo –etched parts are included, along with metal suspension components, and with some good reference photos to hand and the addition of a few minor ‘tweaks’ a fine representation of this vehicle can be produced.
I found no particular issues with construction, but be aware that the assembly of the suspension, running gear and tracks requires a steady hand, good light, and the use of a magnifying lens [for me at least!].

Once the model was assembled it was given a coat of grey primer, prior to application of the two-tone camouflage scheme sprayed using acrylic paints. I chose not to add too much weathering and dirt. Pin washes of dark oil paint were used along with a unifying filter wash and the addition of pigments. A commander figure was assembled and added to the turret to give a sense of scale, and the completed vehicle was placed on a small scenic base with a modest amount of sloping ‘terrain’, giving the impression that the tank was moving at some speed over fairly rough ground. Markings were taken from the kit decal sheet. These settled well with no silvering when applied using ‘future’ floor finish. Acrylic Matt varnish to finish off a nice kit which builds into a pleasing replica of this rather hopeful offering from Vickers…

Simon Ward – Cambridge MAFVA


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