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1/72nd Scale Sdkfz 9 ‘Famo’ and towed 116 transporter.


Here are some photos of a ‘straight from the box’ [SFTB] quick-build of these two pieces of Heavy Metal. The ‘Famo’ is an iconic piece of German engineering and makes an ideal partner for the 116 transporter unit – truth is it would be great to tackle the Tamiya 1/35th scale example of these two, so choosing a 1/72nd ‘quick-build’ of these two was a bit of a cop-out on my part. The 116 transporter is the Trumpeter kit – I purchased it from a trade stand at the Munster modelling weekend show in May 2015, and made a start on it back at our MAFVA stand that afternoon – well, when in Germany, what better expression of engineering fidelity than to make a start on building one of these…? Interestingly, the kit includes Vinyl tyres which did prove to be something of a ‘fiddle’ to mate with the plastic hubs once cleaned up… The ‘Famo’ is the Revell kit, which, by coincidence, I started building in France a few months later during a particularly warm few days at the end of July…happy memories…anyway, the kit is very well engineered, and I was impressed with how well the link & length tracks mated with the running gear [as long as the instructions are followed closely!].
So, a SFTB build with a little time spent on finishing the ‘paint job’ upon completion. The Famo was my first attempt at using ‘hairspray’ weathering – panzer grey base coat under a later camo. finish showing some erosion of the later paintwork. Washes and dark oil paint pin-washes with some pigments finished them off…
The only addition to the standard kits was the use of tilt framing to the back of the Famo using lengths of guitar string [very easy to bend to precise angles and then cut to length]plus a few bits of stowage and a tissue paper ‘tarp’ laying in the back… I suppose the 116 ought to have a Panzer III added as a ‘load’ perhaps….


Simon Ward – Cambridge MAFVA


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