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3D models available – at a price!


I’ve just had a mail shot for Shapeways – the 3D modelling people – and it’s led me to a whole catalogue of military vehicles than can be downloaded as 3D files. All the usual suspects are there like Tigers and Shermans but there are also quite a few that are unlikely to ever be released as injection moulded kits. OK a 3D printed model might need some cleaning up but it’s better than nothing. I quite fancied a Jeep Kaiser M715 by HUM3D (Copyright acknowledged). I’ve never come across a model of this before, but here it is ready for download. The only downside is the price. At $75 (about £56) for the 3D file it’s at the top end of what I would be prepared to pay for a resin kit of quite a small vehicle. Then there’s the price to convert the file to a print ready .STL format – a whopping $300. Sorry guys, you’ve lost me there. Still, we all know that technology gets cheaper as time goes on so maybe there’s hope that in time this form of modelling will catch on and the prices will come down to a more realistic level. Anyone got any thoughts on this?


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