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Tankette 54-2 now available


Tankette issue 54-2 is now available to MAFVA members.

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CONTENTS: • MAFVA Members Models • Canadian Internationals IHC Half-tracks in Canadian Service, By Ed Storey and Dick Harley • Kit Review: Airfix “Vintage Classic” kit A02318V, M3A1 Half-track. By Dick Harley. • MAFVA Website and the New Shop • Cambrai and the Cambridge MAFVA. By Tom Cole • Tank Track Colours By Mike Starmer • Supplier Insight: Matador Models • MAFVA Nationals 2019 Details • The Case for Books • Hornsby Paraffin Tractor of 1905 By David Fletcher • Moscow Victory Parade 2018, By John Ham • Out in the Marketplace REVIEW: TANKETTE 54/2: The second issue of Tankette is now available, and should arrive on your door mat in the next few days if you are in the UK. Overseas members have to wait a bit longer, unless they have a digital subscription, in which case they can access Tankette now.

This issue starts with an excellent study of a preserved U.S. Halftrack seen at a War & Peace Show in the past. Page 2, the members models page has some colour photos of models made by editor Robin, including one of the Meng cartoon tanks for a bit of fun.

Page 3 is the admin page with contact addresses, a contents list and Robin’s editorial, where he introduces the MAFVA Shop and MAFVA Models.

The articles start with a continuation of the articles by Dick Harley, this time  working with Canadian member Ed Storey, bringing us a plethora of photos and information on the Canadian use of International half-tracks in WW2. These are excellent photos and the text highlights the important information conveyed in these images, most useful for the model-maker. Various other vehicles including trailers and a chart of the WD census range are included.

Following on from this is a review of the ancient Airfix “Vintage Classic” M3A1 half-track kit by the doyen of the type, Dick Harley. He looks at the history of the kit, its good and bad points, and compares it with other small-scale kits of the type.

Former Tankette editor and author Tom Cole makes a welcome return with a contribution describing the building of the Cambrai railhead diorama constructed by Cambridge MAFVA for the Muckleburgh Collection in North Norfolk. The owner, Sir Michael Savory had asked for something to mark the centenary of the first major use of tanks in battle, and the group came up with the idea of the delivery of British tanks, which also allowed the depiction of other vehicles, weapons and troops. There are plenty of photographs showing the diorama, which is now on permanent display in the Muckleburgh Museum.

Noted camouflage historian Mike Starmer then delivers a treatise on the colour of tank tracks. This a hotly debated subject, so Mike made an analytical study of surviving tanks from Bovington, making allowances for those tracks that have been painted for preservation.

The Supplier Insight for this issue is Matador Models, with a quick review of the history of the brand run by the Hanna brothers, who also organise the “On Track” show in February at Folkestone.

Page 14 has adverts for the 2019 MAFVA nationals and the discount available to members from Key Publishing.

The “Case for Books” follows with reviews of several interesting publications, including WW2 Free French and German subjects alongside the Haynes manual on the Panhard AML.

David Fletcher brings a short piece of historical note with a very interesting photo of the 1905 Hornsby Paraffin tractor, whose design developed into the early tracklayers. Below this are photos of the Bedford OXA & OXD 1/72nd scale kits from MAFVA Models, only available to paid-up members.

John Ham brings us a report on the 2018 Moscow Victory Parade with numerous photos of the vehicles that took part as they formed up. John had to make do with this as he was not offered a place on the Red Square podium…… Most interesting as WW2 era AFVs were included alongside the latest AFVs.

The colour back page contains “Out in the Marketplace”, Robin’s selection of recently released kits.

Another fascinating read with a wealth of information. Paul Middleton


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