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A Vickers Mk VI from our newest member


We recently introduced an offer to our potential members outside the UK to subscribe to a digital only version of Tankette at the same rate as UK members. Washington State resident Mark Ford has just taken advantage of this offer and sent us some pictures of his Vickers MkVI along with his membership application. Nice work Mark and good to have you on board!


MAFVA was always meant to be a worldwide organisation but unfortunately postage rates hindered that. The introduction of the digital version of Tankette may be the solution to the problem (and it’s in colour throughout not just on the cover pages, assuming the photos were in colour to start with). So if you live outside the UK and the high mailing charges have been putting you off here’s your chance to join (and resub) at the same rate as UK members. The only difference is you will receive a digital Tankette instead of a printed version. All the other benefits apply…. so what are you waiting for?


1 Comment

  1. Mark, that is beauty Sir.
    The camo colours look spot on to me, and nicely weathered she be too.
    Looking forward to seeing more of work mucker.