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Adam Craske’s British ‘What If’ Gallery


Adam Craske just signed in to our member’s area and sent along some pictures of his work.

The photos show some British “what if” type AFVs, none of which left the drawing board in reality (and for some of them thats just as well). All are scratch built in 1/76 :

Nuffield Mechanisation Assault Tanks – designs from 1943 early in the process that eventually lead to the A39 Tortoise : AT6 in Italian theatre colours, AT8 as it might have appeared in winter 1944 and AT10 for 1945.



Foster’s Battletank – a 1916 design for a “shelled area” heavy tank



The Flying Elephant – the final 1916 heavy design.





And just to show that he can do real subjects as well, a White Scout Car, Italian theatre again – the front end converted from Matchbox and Airfix parts with a scratch built body.

Thanks Adam!


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  1. Now those are really good, the White Scout car is exceptionally well done.
    Great stuff Adam.