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AMERICAN TANKS AND AFVS OF WORLD WAR II. Michael Green. Osprey 2014. ISBN 978 1 4728 2978 8. 376p. £20 P/B
This is a wide ranging and comprehensive work. Well-read students of US tanks may feel that there is not very much that they don’t know here, but their knowledge has been acquired over many years from a variety of sources. For the novice or relative newcomer, this book provides a lot of that information within one volume. Examples of basic information that does not come readily from publications on single vehicle types such as the US military standardisation system; the differences between the types of tank armour used in WW2; and functions of different types of ammunition are included in this book. The illustrations are a mix of period photos, restored vehicles, and colour plates from other Osprey titles. Inevitably, in a book of this breadth some of these period images are familiar to old hands, but may not be to fresh eyes. Even for those well-read, having so many vehicle types in one book rather than many separate publications makes it much easier to link these together chronologically when development of these is taking place concurrently. There is a lot here for the money. Recommended. Thanks to Osprey for the review samples.
John Ham. April 2018


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