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Amusing Hobbies’ 1/35 LVTE1 Landing Vehicle – Tracked, Engineer


More ‘forthcoming products’ from our president.

The main question here is ‘why have we had to wait so long for this dramatic vehicle?’ AFV Club released the LVTP-5 many years ago, but stopped there. To the best of my knowledge (and correct me if I’m wrong) no one even offered a resin conversion to the LVTE1 version. Still at least we know a full kit is coming along now. The Amusing Hobbies box art shows the LVTE1 in Taiwanese livery but no doubt most modellers will be using the more familiar USMC Vietnam livery. No mention of what the options will be on this kit or if it will include an interior. More news as we get it.

El Presidente’s spy shots also indicate the gun version is also in the pipeline.


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