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Book Review – A History of the Pakistan Armoured Corps 1938 – 2013 Volume 2


Asia at War series

At the Forward Edge of Battle

A History of the Pakistan Armoured Corps 1938 – 2013 Volume 2

Major General Syed Ali Hamid, Helion & Co., ISBN: 9781912866335, English text, Paperback, 136pp,

297mm x 210mm, 159 monochrome photos, 21 colour profiles, RRP: £19.95.

Available from  and all good bookshops.

Written by a career soldier of the Pakistan Armoured Corps, this is a great book giving in depth information on the history, development and combat experience of the Pakistan Armour Corps. Starting with the inheritance from the British Indian Army, and coping with the partition of 1947 the chapters methodically take you through organisation, training, tradition and equipment . nearly every page has excellent photographs of both the major AFVs used and also some quite obscure designs and adaptations. Pakistan has sought MBTs from a variety of sources, depending how the political wind was blowing, so has fielded a very cosmopolitan mix of eastern (Chinese) and western (USA) designs. The constant enemy has always been India, and two wars and numerous sabre-rattling episodes (including the succession of Bangladesh) have seen the Pakistanis fight their corner. Overseas deplyments include Saudi Arabia, Mogadishu and the Balkans.

The eight centre pages contain 21 colour profiles by David Boccquelet of a wide variety of vehicles, ideal for the model-maker.

An ideal book for ‘modern’ armour enthusiasts on a poorly covered subject.


Review copy kindly supplied by Casemate Publishing.                               Paul Middleton 19/04/2020


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