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Book Review: The Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar German Armoured Infantry Support Gun


Kagero Topdrawings series 112.

The German Armoured Infantry Support Gun
Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar

Krzysztof Mucha, Kagero, ISBN: 9788366673274, Paperback, 24pp, 297 x 211mm, RRP: £18.00
Pull out drawing sheet, 10 colour profiles, A4 colour poster.

The latest Kagero book to arrive from Casemate covers the rarely seen Brummbar Infantry Support Vehicle. Designed to provide forward support to the Landser from an armoured vehicle, the concept was a result of the heavy fighting experienced at Stalingrad and other urban combat zones. The Brummbar was initially built on the PzKpfw IV Ausf E & F hulls, and as a result of user feedback was modified through mid-production to late models, which were built on the later Ausf. G hulls. The main armament as also upgraded from the 15cm StuH 43 howitzer to the bespoke 15cm StuH 23/1 L/12 weapon.
As usual with the Topdrawings series, the book starts with a short synopsis of the history and development of the Brummbar, both in English and Polish.

The drawings commence with 1/35th scale renditions of the first production model, which had a Tiger type drivers visor and no MG mounting. These are six view (including side skirts view) plus various isometric views. We then have the same range of drawings for the mid-production type where the driver’s vision port was replaced by an armoured bulge and periscope. Numerous other changes are listed alongside the drawings. This brings us to the final production models which incorporated the previous modifications, a bulged area at the back of the fighting compartment, and an MG34 in a Kugelblende mounting at the front.
The remaining drawings show isometric views of the superstructure changes, changes to the rear hull plate, spare wheel stowage, suspension, front hull plate, notek lamp, track links and Schurzen.
The centre pages and rear cover each have two colour profiles of various vehicles.
A pull-out sheet repeats the scale drawings of all three production models in 1/48th and 1/72nd scales. A bonus is the separate A4 colour poster.

An ideal handy reference work if used in conjunction with other sources for photos of the Brummbar.
Recommended for the researcher and model-maker.

Review copy kindly supplied by Casemate UK, available from .
Paul Middleton 18/05/2021


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