Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicles Association

Northern Home Counties
Also covering N. London and surrounding areas

Meetings 2018 - 22nd Year of meetings!

Venue (unless specified): Leverstock Green Community Centre, HP3 8QG
Time: 7.30pm Date: Usually fourth Tuesday of each month
Details of meetings or MAFVA membership from Chris Lloyd-Staples
Phone 01442 250381 or E-mail: Facebook: NHCMAFVA

Each meeting has a theme, but we relax and chat about all manner of topics each month.

23rd January Metal finishes – how do we create bare metal effects on models? Please bring your materials and examples for everyone to show your methods.

27th February A new style event! The meeting will be a chance for everyone to bring along a small scale model and try to build as much as possible in 3 hours

27th March Resin casting! Tony and Phill will demonstrate the principles of making masters and casting parts in two-part epoxy resin. A popular session.

24th April Soldering: a session carried over from last year – Experts (Gary!) will talk about how to solder successfully in different modelling scenarios.

22nd May Filling and putties – Mark and Andy will lead, but everyone needs to bring along their putties and tools to share ideas about how to fill holes.

26th June British Armour 1919 – 1929: Keith will talk about the complex period when Britain was leading the world with military vehicle designs.

24th July Airbrushing – Neil will lead the session with demonstrations and videos to illustrate the skills needed to use an airbrush successfully.

28th August RAAC armour in Viet Nam: Bob will give a lecture about the largely unrecognised role of the Australian armour in the Viet Nam War

25th September 1948 – the War of Independence in Israel – Bernard will talk about the creation of the Jewish State and the huge range of military vehicles

16th October 1918 – the End of WW1 – Chris will talk about Germany's last offensive in April, and the transition to more open mobile warfare until the Armistice.

27th November The Russian BT series: part two, in which Yuri will explain about the later BT-7, and variants built upon the chassis, including the A-20, BT-42, etc.

18th December Planning meeting: Ideas for the 2019 programme, plus a competition with three awards for construction, paintwork and groundwork.

Dates for your diary:

All-day model 'Deathbuild': Jan, July and November (tba)

24th Feb On Track Show, Folkestone 9th September Chiltern Show
22nd April Model Kraft Milton Keynes Show 10-11th Nov IPMS Nationals, Telford
24th June MAFVA Nationals, St.Ives 2nd December London Plastic Model Show