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Coming Event: The Liberation Column


We recently received this message, from John at Paper Panzers, which may be of interest to members:

Some of you know me as ‘the man behind Paper Panzer Productions’, but this time I’m contacting you in my function as PR & Communication Officer of the War Heritage Institute in Brussels. We are currently planning and promoting the Liberation Column, a column of 70 vehicles, of which 50 WW II vehicles and 20 modern Belgian Army vehicles. The column will traverse Belgium starting September 1st in Mons (first Belgian city that was liberated), ending in Leopoldsburg on September 13th. There are frequent stops and large commemorations planned all along the route. This is a MASSIVE project. In December and January the column is on the road again from Bastogne to Houffalize, passing through all important spots of the Ardennes Offensive. At our NUTS event in December we have the usual demonstrations of some vehicles from our collection. This year however the Panther of Saumur will also join us. I was wondering whether it would be possible to give our massive event some editorial attention in Tankette and/or the website. I can provide all information, pictures, etc. I can also accommodate members who would want to make a report on the column, both September and winter editions. In attachment the brochure for the general commemorations program (PDF- 5.6mb) and the flyer for the Column North, (PDF: 6.6mb) the first leg in September.

Kind regards,

John Osselaer

Opdrachthouder PR & Communicatie

War Heritage Institute

0032 (0)477 561522

Thanks John. If enough members are interested it might be possible to arrange a trip to see the convoy in Belgium. Let me know your thoughts and comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.



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