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Coming Soon – M3A1 Lee Canal Defense Light from Takom


If you’ve visited the Tank Museum you’ll be aware of the concept of Canal Defense Light tanks.

 The Canal Defense Light, or CDL, was a Top Secret project. This ‘Secret Weapon’ was based around the use of a powerful Carbon-Arc lamp and would be used to illuminate enemy positions in night attacks as well as disorient the enemy troops.

A number of vehicles were converted to CDLs, such as the Matilda II, the Churchill, and the M3 Lee. In keeping with the highly secret nature of the project, Americans designated vehicles carrying the CDL as “T10 Shop Tractors.” In fact, the designation “Canal Defense Light” was intended as a code name to draw as little attention to the project as possible. More details on the Lee version here.

Now Takom are due to release a kit of the Lee version of the CDL. Details are few at the moment but the price is likely to be around 40€.



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