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Fraud warning: We have recently had instances of someone impersonating MAFVA officers in e-mails – which of course is criminal fraud. When in communication with any of the officers below please ensure that the message comes from the address shown. If a message from any of these officers comes from another address – bin it!

(By the way, a report has been sent to the police Action Fraud service)

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Paul Middleton

Honorary President

Paul Gandy



Vacant – contact chairman

Neil Wharton

Membership Secretary 

Chris Lloyd-Staples

Information Officer

 Rod Woodhouse


Paul Middleton

Liaison Officer

Robin Buckland

Tankette Editor

Mike Hector

FaceBook Officer

John Paulding

Website Editor

Publicity Officer

Chief Adjudicator – MAFVA Nationals

Tankette Distributor

Vacant – contact chairman


Robert Lockie

Visits Officer





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