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CROMWELL vs JAGDPANZER IV, Normandy 1944. A review.


CROMWELL vs JAGDPANZER IV, Normandy 1944. Osprey Duel 2018. David Higgins. ISBN 978 1 4728 2586 5

The Normandy Campaign following D-Day has always been a popular subject for those with military interests. In this account the combatants are British and Polish units operating the Cromwell and for the Jadgpanzer IV, SS and Panzer Lehr Divisions. Designed as a cruiser tank for pursuit and reconnaissance roles Cromwell crews faced a well-adapted foe in the Jadgpanzer IV tank destroyer with its low profile and sloped armour in the ambush country of the Normandy woods and hedgerows. The particular battles described in this Duel are the Battle for the Jerusalem crossroads in the Bocage during Operation Perch – where the narrow lanes and high hedges further restricted the movement of Allied armour, and Operation Totalize. Although fought in less restricted terrain, Totalize was planned to take the battle into open country but Allied armour attacking on a narrow front achieved only modest success against concealed German jadgpanzers and antitank guns. Illustrations include artwork of the Cromwell IV and the earlier shorter barrel version of the Jadgpanzer IV and contemporary photos. Of these, the majority are Allied subjects. Thanks to Osprey for the review sample.

John Ham. May 2018


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