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Das Werk’s first 1/35th kit – Faun L900 with SdAh. 115 trailer


Regular contributor to these pages, Paul Badman, has sent news that Das Werk has released information about it’s forthcoming first 1/35th scale injection moulded kit – and what a kit it is – a Faun L900 with SdAh. 115 trailer.

This combination was used early on in WWII to transport Panzer I and II light tanks and was later used for self propelled guns.

The kit contains numerous options: cab can be shown open or with soft top installed, truck bed sides can be assembled raised or lowered, the trailer rear axle can be adjusted and removed to show loading position and truck bed can be open to carry a tank, or fitted with bows for a canvas top when carrying general cargo. The kit was designed in co-operation from Faun of Germany, so no doubt the accuracy will be excellent. The kit comes with four painting schemes: two in Panzer grey, one parade version and a post 1943 three colour scheme. Paul reports dealers in Germany are taking pre-release orders for the kit at between 60 and 70€. The kit is due out in November 2018.

More details will be available on although at time of writing the website has not yet gone live. Das Werk does have a Facebook page though:

Thanks to Paul Badman for the info. I think I know what he’ll be bringing to the 2019 Nationals!


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