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Dragon Wagon, Part 2


A visual history of the U.S. Army’s heavy tank transporter 1955-1975
By David Doyle, Ampersand Publishing, paperback, 120pp, A4 landscape format,
ISBN: 978-1-944367-00-8, RRP £17.95,
Another fantastic book in the Ampersand photo essay series, this one covers post-war tank transporters in U.S. Army service, complementing Part 1 which featured the WW2 vehicles.
Most of the photos are full page, and feature a mix of monochrome and colour images. Alongside various prototypes the M123 unit features and appears in State-side use, overseas and during the Vietnam conflict.  The latter are most interesting as they show a variety of loads from damaged M48 MBTs being back-loaded to Rome plows and other engineering kit being moved between locations. There is a series of walk-round photos of an M123, including close-ups showing a lot of details which would help with producing a model. This will prove to be an excellent reference book for all enthusiasts.
Thoroughly recommended.                                                                                  Paul Middleton 20/12/2016


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