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Einheitsdiesel and variants



SABOT Publications Foto File #2 (2017)

The Einheitsdiesel 6×6 truck was a standardised vehicle produced by nine different factories, and over 14,000 were manufactured between 1937 and 1940.  There is a kit in 1/35 by IBG, with several versions available, and having this kit in my stash I thought the book would be useful.  I got it from SABOT in the States, at $18 plus postage.

The book is a paperback, printed in the US Letter size, which is roughly the same as A4 used by all other nations.  With over 40 pages, the publication is very well produced, with extremely crisp photos, none of which I’ve seen before.  This is an excellent resource, of great value to anyone wanting to add details to their model. 

The only text in the book is a very short paragraph of introduction.  Section 1 covers the standard cargo version with a steel cargo bed without drop-sides, the only access being through doors at the rear.  Part 2 covers the variant with a field kitchen mounted in the rear, with just four photos of this type.  The last section covers the communications (radio) wagon, of which there are several types, differing in the external mounting of equipment, as well as in the interior fittings. 

While an extremely useful set of photos as it comes, I think that the value would have been increased if only SABOT had researched and written detailed captions for each photo, as there is much to see and much to comment upon.

Chris Lloyd-Staples


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