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Dick Taylor, Green series No 4120, A4, 136pp, soft bound, ISBN 978-83-63678-91-3, RRP £25.00

Over the past few years we have been treated to a series of books on a variety of tank-related subjects by prolific author Dick Taylor. In this treatise Dick covers the varieties of tank, anti-tank and S.P. artillery ammunition used by British, American and allied forces during WW2.
Starting with a concise explanation of the terminology and the basics of how artillery functions, the reader is primed to understand this complicated subject.  This is made easier by the prolific use of photographs, colour plates and illustrations from technical manuals.  There is an explanation of the markings on ammunition and a graph of penetrations achievable at differing ranges for different ammunitions.  The section covering the packaging of ammunition is probably the most important for tank modellers due to the use of ‘pre-owned’ boxes welded or tied to AFV hulls to hold stowage.
In part 2 each weapon system is looked at in turn, providing a description, illustrations, and photos of the weapon, ammunition, and ammunition packaging.   With this book we have a great deal of information at our fingertips to help with research and planning of our AFV project, be they a 1/35th scale model or restoring a full size exhibit.
Excellent value for money.                                                                                    Paul Middleton 30/04/2016


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