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Gecko to release LARC-V Amphibious Cargo Vehicle – updated!


If you like quirky military vehicles you’re in for a treat. Here’s one you could even play with in the bath. (OK, that’s just me then).

Gecko Models have announced a 1/35th scale LARC-V US Army Amphibious Cargo Vehicle and rumour has it that it will come with both US Vietnam War markings and those of the Argentinian forces in the Falklands War. No release date has been announced as yet, but Jadlam Toys & Models are showing as being available for pre-order at the reasonable price of £40.95 including UK delivery. Having seen the real thing this is one I’m personally looking forward to and have one on order with Jadlam. Watch for a review in due course.

President Paul has sent me a video of the Hunstanton LARC in operation. Whatever you do don’t listen to the cheesy jingle. It’s an earworm! You’ll be humming it all day. You rat Middleton!

UPDATE: I’ve now received and built my LARC. The vignette isn’t quite finished yet but you can see it’s coming along. Whole heartedly recommend the kit. Easy to build but with lots of great detail!


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