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German Motorcycles of WWII


A visual history in vintage photos and restored examples, Part 1.
ISBN: 978-1-944367-01-05, 120pp, 288x225mm, paperback, RRP £17.95.
With monochrome photos of the motorcycles in service and colour photos of restored examples to see the details this book is ideal for both the model-maker and military vehicle enthusiast, or come to that, the bike enthusiast as well. In this volume the BMW types R4, R12, R35, R71and R74 plus the Zundapp KS750. Photos show the bikes struggling through mud, straining under a full load, or stripped off for maintenance. The modern photos are of clean museum quality restored examples, including close ups of details such as the drive train. Numerous interesting detail variations are illustrated, including the tow hitch arrangement and an infanteriewagen IF8 on tow.
Recommended.                                                                                                 Paul Middleton 24/12/2016


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