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A visual history of the German Army’s WWII early light tank.
David Doyle, The Ampersand Group, ISBN 978-1-944367-05-3, hardback, 168pp, RRP £22.95.
Noted author David Doyle has produced this excellent photo essay on the diminutive PzKpfw 1 covering production run differences, sub-types and variants, plus field conversions.  The large landscape format of the book allows close inspection allows detailed inspection of photographs and the author identifies salient features, not usually visible.  Camouflage schemes and markings are also discussed where applicable, adding to this book being a ‘one-stop shop’ for those with an interest in this early Panzer. Photographs are taken from a variety of sources such as personal collections, factory photos, captured vehicle reports and surviving examples in museums. For both the arm-chair historian and the model-maker this is an extremely useful tool, with the one draw-back being a lack of scale drawings.  However, with the current trend of certain kit manufacturers producing every sub-type of German tank built (or imagined!), and modellers either building out of the box or making marginal improvements with PEB, perhaps this is not so important.  We can of course source scale drawings elsewhere such as the MAFVA Tankette magazine.
A thoroughly recommended book, with excellent print quality, and positive value for money.
Review copy kindly supplied by Casemate Publishers
Paul Middleton 02-07-2016


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