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Jan M. Meland & Trond A. Elvan, Mort Homme Books, 230pp, hard cover, 355 x 120mm, ISBN 9788269012606, RRP £70.00 www.casematepublishing.co.uk

This excellent photo archive covers the variety of WW2 German caps and uniforms in great detail with magnificent large format colour photos of surviving examples, with some caps tallied up to their former owners, wartime photos and where known a history of the serviceman.  Pay books and other documents are included where available, and in this aspect it is quite complete and makes for fascinating reading. The items from the author’s collection are noted to have appeared in previous publications and collections, including those of noted historian Andrew Mollo. Not all items are in mint condition, and one in particular is in a state of ‘distress’, but is included to show the construction of the service cap. There is a handy reference page to identify the different waffenfarbe colours used in the piping on caps and epaulettes for the different arms, and this also uses photos.
Amongst the photos are detail shots of manufacturer’s labels and variations of insignia, even the cockade with a built in ventilator.
Chapter I covers SS pattern visor caps, Chapter II Heer (Army) pattern visor caps, Chapter III deals with various uniforms. The uniforms covered will be ideal for collectors and figure painters as all details are shown, complete with insignia and manufacturers labels.  This book gives a very in depth look at German wartime caps and uniforms, and is to be recommended.                                                                                         Paul Middleton 22/01/2017


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