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Jim Mesko reports on AMPS 2018

Over 700 models were on the tables at the 2018 AMPS Convention

AMPS 2018 by Jim Mesko

   The annual 2018 AMPS Convention was held at the Hope Hotel Center on Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Over  700 models graced the tables and the vendors rooms offered a wide selection of kits, books, and aftermarket items. The three day event was well attended and featured many well known names from the armor modeling world, both in the vendors room and at the various seminars.
    Many convention attendees also took the opportunity to visit the Air Force Museum, one of the main attractions in the area. In addition there were lots of places to eat and drink close by so after hours the modelers had a great chance to socialize. The hotel and its staff did their best the make everyone feel welcome and the local AMPS Chapter did a great job in setting things up and AMPS National members worked diligently to ensure a smooth registration process. Judging went very well and addition judges were certified to help in the judging process. There were as always the normal minor glitches but overall it was one of the best run AMPS Convention.
     On Saturday the judging results were announced. AMPS style judging awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals based on a point system. Thus you may have many medals in one class , or very few, based on the level of workmanship. In addition, models are classified in general categories based on their previous scores, so that once you have gotten a Gold medal you move up into the next category.
This years top model went to Canadian Harvey Lowe with his Canadian TLAV in Afghanistan
     The top award is given to to the best model and this modeler moves into the “Master” category. This year that award was earned by renowned  Canadian modeler Harvey Lowe for his beautifully detailed Canadian TLAV in Afghanistan. This was truly a beautiful piece of work, and epitomizes the skill level found at the AMPS contest. And it could not have been given to a nicer guy, as anyone who knows Harvey will attest. Congratulations Harvey!!!!!
     A special award was also given this year by Mark Ford in honor of R&J Enterprises Founder Rich Sullivan who passed away from cancer in September. This will be a continuing award in Rich’s honor based on his favorite German vehicle, the PZ IV Brummbar by Canadian Dave Forest.
     Next year the 2019 AMPS Convention will journey to the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Buffalo, New York. It will run from May 9 thru May 11. Information on the convention and the hotel may be found at the AMPS website. Hotel rooms are $119.00 a night. Local attractions include Niagara Fall and the Naval Park, plus numerous gambling sites. Make your reservations early to insure you have a room at the hotel before it closes out.
USMC M48 in Hue during “Tet” of 1968
Well weathered M10 on bridge
“Frozen Chosin”, US Marines at their best!
M3 Grant in North Africa
Egyptian M4 with AMX-13 turret, Sinai, 1956
M46 “Patton” in “Tiger” markings from Korean War
Pz III N in North Africa
British “Male” with trench crossing gear
Large scale “Lynx”
British “Female” tank in captured German markings
US M3 “Lee” in North Africa
Cromwell with “Hessian” camouflage
M39 Hellcat chassis mounting a quad .50 caliber machine gun mount
USMC M55 with scratchbuilt interior

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