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Judging Volunteers Wanted for the MAFVA Nationals – 24th June


This year the Cambridge MAFVA team which hosts the MAFVA Nationals is rather shorthanded, so we need to appoint some extra judges for the MAFVA National’s Competition.

I would like to hear from any member who is attending the show and is happy to spare some of their time to help out with judging the competition classes. It could be for either individual or multiple classes that you would feel happy to help with. Naturally you won’t be allowed to judge a class that you have entered a model in, but you can still enter classes you are not judging. I have all the details of how things work and will brief you on what needs to be done on the day. If you can help, please email me to let him know at

John Paulding – Chief Adjudicator – MAFVA Nationals Competition.


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