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A visual history of the German Army’s multi-purpose vehicle.
By David Doyle, Ampersand Publishing, paperback, 120pp, A4 landscape format,
ISBN: 978-1-944367-03-9, RRP £17.95, .
This wonderful photo album starts with a brief history of the development and history of the two vehicles, but after the first page it is purely photographs with a few notes pointing out details that appear in each image. Many of the images are full page which lets us see a lot more of the vehicle, and the many variations that occurred through their production life. Alongside the enhanced period photos are images of preserved vehicles in museums and private ownership.
The book was an eye-opener for me as I did not realise that there were so many production changes, but these are pointed out clearly, which will be a major help to model-makers, restorers and those with an interest in military vehicles.  It will come as no surprise that the prototypes of both these Volkswagens were very different from the production models, especially the Schwimmwagen, and this is shown in the photos. Whilst an excellent photo essay, this book could have been improved with scale drawings to better illustrate the details in the photos, or even isometric sketches.  This no doubt would have affected the current reasonable price, and reduced the amount of photos.
Thoroughly recommended.                                                                                 Paul Middleton 20/12/2016


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