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‘MAFVA Day’ at the Muckleburgh Collection Museum – 15th Sept.


As a thank you for recent work done on a second diorama at the Muckleburgh Collection Museum in North Norfolk, we have been invited to have a ‘MAFVA day’ at the museum. 

For details of the museum see: 

All paid up MAFVA Members are welcome to come along to the MAFVA Day at The Muckleburgh Collection in North Norfolk on 15 September 2018 from 10 AM. Places are limited so please contact Paul Middleton at the address in Tankette, or use the link below, to confirm you would like to attend. Entrance to the Museum is free on the day to MAFVA Members only. (Accompanying visitors must pay the usual admittance fee).

There will also be a visit to the non-public areas, workshops etc.

Remember YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE!  If you don’t you’ll be charged the usual entry rate on the door.

Book by e-mailing the Liaison Officer and quoting your MAFVA Membership number.

You must be a paid up MAFVA member on the date of the visit – 15th Sept. 2018. If your membership is due to expire, please renew before booking.


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