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MAFVA open day at the Muckleburgh Collection


Many thanks to Sir Michael Savory for throwing open the doors to his Muckleburgh Collection to MAFVA members last Saturday. A full report is planned for Tankette, but suffice to say it was a most informative visit with a tour of the ‘out of bounds’ anti aircraft gun emplacements, airfield and the workshops included. The visit was a ‘thank you’ to the team from Cambridge MAFVA who produced the ‘Eve of Cambrai’ diorama for the museum. Plans are already underway for another diorama for the museum which we will reveal in due course.

One of the three restored anti aircraft guns in the original emplacements at Muckleburgh.


Sir Michael (right) demonstrates to MAFVA members which end should be pointed at the enemy.

Sir Michael exercises his muscles, warming up for the forthcoming drinking session.


Sir Micheal attempts to lead the community singing with a largely disinterested crowd.

As usual Spike demonstrates his own version of Wilson and Kepple’s Sand Dance .

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