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Mini Art’s ‘Most Wanted Kit’ Competition


My choice – the M76 USMC Otter

How many times have you scratch built a model or bought an expensive resin kit only to see a plastic kit of the subject appear a month or so later?

Ever wished there was more communication between modelers and the kit manufacturers?

Thanks to a brand new link up between MAFVA and our friends at Mini Art, now there is!

If there is a kit you’d like to see produced that no one currently makes it (to the best of your knowledge) in plastic, just suggest it to Mini Art and if they like your idea you could win a prize, and maybe, just maybe, the kit will make it into production so we can all enjoy it!

Just a couple of rules… you must be a current MAFVA member, you should send your suggestions to me, with the e-mail header ‘Most Wanted Kit’ and it would be an idea to attach a picture of the real vehicle from the internet just so there’s no confusion about which vehicle you’re suggesting. For instance, my suggestion would be a M76 USMC Otter, but as we all know there is another vehicle called an Otter so the photo makes it clear which one we’re talking about.

We’ll set a closing date of 24th Dec. 2019 so that the guys and gals at Mini Art can deliberate over the Christmas holidays and make their choice known in the New Year. Winners will be notified by e-mail.

The prizes will be distributed by the regional Mini Art distributor for the winners’ countries.

Thanks to Mini Art and their distributors for sponsoring this competition.


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