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New! – 3-D Printed Tool Straps


Our Information Officer, Chris Lloyd-Staples has just sent over some details of the new 3-D printed US Army and German WW2 Tool Straps which will save spending ages on the tedious task of making tool straps from tape or foil and adding PE buckles.

MJ-Miniatures US Army 1/35 tool straps

The US army fixed tools on the hull by running straps through ‘Footman Loops’ welded to the vehicle body. The US Army set contains 196 straps produced in incredible detail, and absolutely to scale.  The loops are different sizes, some slightly hanging, others tighter, so that the modeller can select straps for the required tool.  Some straps have the buckle at the loop end, others hang away from the loop on the hull.  The straps are slightly raised from the resin base, so that a thin blade can be slid under the part to release it.  The MJ-Miniatures strap includes a moulded Footman Loop, so if there is one on the model, the one on the model must be removed before sticking the MJ-Miniatures item into place.  The vehicle tools can be carefully slid into the strap and the job is done!


German vehicles – whether armoured vehicles, soft skins, or even wagons, tend to use a standardised form of tool clamps to secure a whole range of items from spades to tow ropes, from track links to cleaning rods.  For many years, kit manufacturers have been slowly improving the quality of moulded clamps in plastic kits, but the default has always been to make these up from tiny pieces of etched brass. 

This new product from MJ-Miniatures has the potential to be a complete game-changer.  The set consists of an array of 3D printed clamps of different types, produced in eye-watering detail and accuracy.  There are 120 clamps of the type used on tools, 32 clamps for five cleaning rods. 32 clamps of the type used to retain tow cables, and 32 clamps used to retain tools such as ‘S’ hooks and the like.  The detail is incredible, right down to the wing-nuts being at different positions, so that the clamps don’t all look the same. 

As with the American clamps each clamp is slightly raised up from the base sheet, so that a sharp blade can be slid under the clamp to separate it.  The part can then be attached to the model using superglue.  

The clamps are available by mail-order by contacting but they are now on the website and the cost is $20 per set. There is also a list of retailers who can supply them, although not all of the retailers listed have them on their websites as yet.  


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