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New kits from Milicast


Here’s a selection of new kits from Milicast which Paul Middleton and I saw at On Track. Most of these are now available and detailed on the website. 









US146: This is the M2 Thew – Lorain MC4F 6×6 Crane Truck kit and the M16 Trailer for the “Clamshell”. The Clamshell was used to dig the trenches required for firing the M1 240mm Howitzer (US143). The kit also contains the additional equipment required in the the lifting and positioning of the 240mm Howitzer Carriage (US142) and the M1 240mm Barrel (US141) onto the carriage.


Centurion Mk.10 – kit UK366




6ton 6×6 Corbitt 50SD6/White 666 It comes with optional closed or open cabs. Available as kit US145.












US143:  This is the M1 240mm Howitzer in the firing position which is a combination of the gun parts from kits US141 & US142 plus an open breech, 240mm Shell, Charge and Rammer.








US140: M6 38ton High Speed Tractor. US141: M2A1 Transport Wagon for M1 240mm Gun Barrel and below is both shown together.

UK359: White 1064 10ton Cargo Truck













UK365146: This is the Thunderbird Missile as used in the 1950’s and 1960’s for Anti-Aircraft Defence by the British Army. It comes with it’s carriage for transportation which was usually behind the ubiquitous Bedford RL 3ton truck (See below)

UK360146: This Bedford RL kit can be built with our without the Winch. The version above has the winch fitted which meant that the Spare Wheel was relocated behind the Cab. The versions without the winch fitted carried the Spare under the GS body, as seen in the photograph on the right.










UK360146: The Bedford RL superceded the Bedford QL and was the main medium truck of the British Armed Forces from the mid 1950’s until the late 1960’s with a total of 74,000 being produced. The RL was powered by a 4.9 litres petrol engine and had a number of variants which Milicast will release later this year. It was also used as the Prime Mover for Britain’s first Anti-Aircraft Missile “Thunderbird”.





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