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New kits from Mini Art and Roden


Here’s a couple of forthcoming items that arrived too late for inclusion in last week’s round up of new kits. Firstly, following on from their Polish production T-55, another version of the T-55 in 1/35th scale from Mini Art; this time a Czech production version with numerous alternative decals to depict vehicles in service with the Czech Army, National Transitional Council of Libya, Armed Forces of Chad, Lebanese Army and Syrian Arab Army.

Secondly a set of Russian figures enjoying a hot meal on the Eastern Front. This comes complete with furniture, PE accessories and a stove.

No details of prices on the above as yet.

Finally a 1914 ‘B’ Type bus in General Omnibus Co. livery in 1/72nd scale from Roden. Although not a military subject this could make an interesting diorama with Londoners gathering round a newspaper vendor displaying ‘WAR DECLARED’ on his newsstand. (Not sure why the clippie is shown riding up front with the driver though, or why the destination is shown as Liverpool St when it’s the other way from the Bank of England).

RRP should be around £15.99.


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