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New MAFVA Website Competition – Theme: ‘Meanwhile’


New Website Competition  – Theme: ‘Meanwhile’

As there were so many regular faces missing from the Nationals this year I was pondering on what they were all doing. That gave me an idea for a competition theme of ‘Meanwhile’. A vignette or diorama of something happening while the main battle rages somewhere else. It could be soldiers carrying out maintenance, taking a meal or whatever you choose. Although this suggests that figures would be required,  it could just be a vehicle left behind, perhaps in the process of being loaded or repaired when the attack started elsewhere. Figures might take some members out of their comfort zone, but here’s an opportunity to try something new and show the results to other members – you might even win a prize.
Three classes this time: JUNIOR (age 16 and under), Small Scale (1:49th and smaller) and Large Scale (1:48th and larger).
Contest closes 11th December 2018.
Send photos of your model and a few words describing it to


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