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New Releases from ICM


We’ve just had news of three new releases from ICM, and they are now in stock at Wonderland Models.

There first is a variation on the Fordson WOT 8, this time in Russian service with a BM-13-16 Katyusha on the back…. interesting! It makes a change from the Italeri post war GAZ with US pattern tyres!

£39.99 inc. VAT + delivery form Wonderland Models.

The second kit is a bundle package of a PAK36(f) with 4 crew opposing a Russian T-34-76 early 1943 type. Sold under the banner of “ICM Battle of Kursk July 1943” it depicts probably the best known tank battle since Cambrai.

£21.99 inc. VAT + delivery from Wonderland Models.

The third release is actually an aircraft in 1/32 scale but we’ll include it here as it could form part of an interesting diorama and the figures are quite unique. The I-153 with Soviet Pilots (1939-1942) retails at £39.99 inc. VAT + delivery, also from Wonderland Models.


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