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New releases from Zvezda


Our president has been busy again hunting down forthcoming releases for your delight and has found these future offerings from Zvezda.
Unfortunately Russian isn’t my strong point so I can only go by the pictures. I’m not sure if the Elephant is a new tooling or a reboxing of the old Italiari kit. Zvezda has re-released other manufacturers’ kits in the past. I also have an image of add-on Zimmerit for the Elephant but it’s not clear if this is a separate kit or comes with the Elephant kit. No doubt all will be come clear in time and we’ll try to update the post as and when.





There is also a 1/35th scale kit of a Tiger-M Russian Armoured Vehicle with ‘Arbealet’ in the pipeline. As usual prices and availability are still to be announced.






Finally there is a small scale model of the TBMP T-15 ‘Armata’. Keep watching the trader’s websites for prices and availability of these items.


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