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New rules for MAFVA Nationals Competition

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We introduced and implemented a new set of rules for  the 2017 MAFVA National’s Competition which took place on the 18th June 2017.

MAFVA Nationals judging is now based on the open system. This means each and every model is
judged on its own merit, based on our established criteria for gold, silver, and bronze…judging is
not on a comparison with other models in the contest. There can be more than one of each type of
award per category.
For example, if there are three models of equal merit in a category and the judges agree that all
are gold material then all three models will be awarded golds. On the other hand if the judges feel
there are no gold-caliber models in a category then none will be awarded. That goes for silver and
bronze as well. There can be multiple awards or no awards given in a category depending on the
judges’ discretion.
The open system is fairer to modelers and minimises disappointment and disputes.

If you intend to enter the 2018 competition please read the new rules in advance. They can be downloaded here as a PDF document and opened in Adobe Acrobat or a similar program.

If you wish to become a judge for the 2018 contest please contact  stating which classes you would like to judge.

John Paulding, Chief Adjudicator. MAFVA National’s Competition


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