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New small scale kits (… for a change!)


Sorry we haven’t had many new small scale kits for you recently, but now we have, and very nice they are too.

Check these out….


The Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H Mid Production that is shown without a brand logo is from Dragon.

We also have the latest ACE catalogue with a couple of nice Humbers in it. Download it as a PDF here.

In addition to new kits there are some new upgrade packs for the S+M FV432 kit from Dan Taylor….

Dan has the following sets:
SM-72C01 – the FV432-30, which is essentially a Fox turret to modify the kit, complete with raised turret ring, and turned metal 30mm Rarden cannon.

Link: … -438-p.asp

SM-72C02 – FV432 Stowage Cage (as displayed in the picture above)

Link: … -439-p.asp

SM-72C03 – Hatches & Doors, which features the driver’s hatch in resin, all other ports and doors in etched brass, plus some other features omitted from the kit like the mud guards.

Link: … -440-p.asp

and SM-72C04 – A Peak turret, not only used on the 432 , with resin and brass parts.

Link: … -441-p.asp










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