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Panzer III on the Battlefield


This hardback book, in landscape format is the 14th volume in the World War Two Photobook series.  Written by Tom Cockle, it is the first in the series to cover the Pz.Kfw.III tanks.  With over 100 pages, it deals with each mark (Ausführung) of the vehicle from A to N.

The book is bilingual English/Hungarian, and the English is very clearly written and accurate throughout.  The book begins with a two-page history of the type, explaining the differences between the production variants.  What rapidly becomes clear is that, particularly in the Ausf.F and G, there was a great deal of upgrading of vehicles.  Seemingly, any individual vehicle might have a mixture of old and replacement parts, depending on what is available at the time.

The coverage in this book is absolutely excellent, with a mix of vehicles in service and damaged wrecks.  Judging from the photos chosen, it seems that mine damage was a frequent cause of these tanks being disabled, but they were often repaired rather than suffering a catastrophic level of damage.  Quite openly, I admit that I opened the book thinking that I had all the Pz.III references I could ever need, but it turns out that this book has very much to offer, with sharp, clear photos printed full page, and allowing a whole lot of detail to spring out.  A very few photos are old classics, and the vast majority are ‘new’ in publication.  Where, very occasionally, a poor-quality photo is included, this is because the image has something special to note.

At £25.99 this is a really great book, with lots to tempt the modeller and researcher.  Definitely worth a read, this publication is available from Panzerwrecks.  Highly recommended.


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