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Panzerwrecks 21


Panzerwrecks 21

Pub. Panzerwrecks Ltd. (2017)

Authors: Archer & Neely

In the style of the previous 20 volumes in this series, this 96-page softback book is in landscape A4 format and contains 128 photos with carefully researched captions giving important information about the pictures.  The photos are exclusively of German vehicles, with around 35 showing Panthers, about a dozen each of the Tiger 2, the Panzer IV, and the L/70.  Also getting good coverage are Sd.Kfz.251, Stugs, and the Ladungstrager.  Countless more vehicles are represented, and the book provides a good sense of what was around in Europe in the last few months of the war. 

Although the majority of photos show wrecked or abandoned vehicles, rather than in service and stowed, the value of the pictures is the clarity of the images, along with the immediacy of the photography before the vehicle is stripped of parts and so on.  To add to the value, the volume includes five colour renderings of photographs, so that the reader can see the photo on one hand, and a colour interpretation of the image alongside it.  Neat.

At £18 this is not cheap, but the quality and usefulness will make it worth the price.

Chris Lloyd-Staples


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