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Paul Badman’s Faun L900 build

Regular contributor, Paul Badman has sent us some pics of his current build, a Faun L900 with trailer.
Paul says “Here’s the pics of the build phase from  Das Werk – Faun L900 with SdAh115.
The kit goes together very well and extremely fast indeed. The only issues I had are these:
1. Four knock-out pin holes in the cab, which might not even be seen.
2. When using the heavy load springs, you need to make a new drive shaft for the differentials.
   The kit drive is only for the neutral/not loaded version.
3. There’s some mistakes on the instructions which aren’t noted on the correction sheet.
4. No matter how hard I try, I cannot get the back deck stay bending tool to work. Have tried 
   3 times, but I cannot get the correct angles for the stays.
5. I made the cab seats from Miliput, the kit ones are just too shapeless
6. There’s no load or tarp! LOL only joking. Paint will going on today, which is also new. I’m using the Vallejo Hobby Paint Spray-can, which is primer and first coat in one. Have started on the load, but that is still a secret”.
OK Paul. I’m sure it will be worth waiting for.

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