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Preview- New Tamiya Sheridan


Speculation has been rife on the forums and even on this website, but here’s graphic proof that there is a new Tamiya Sheridan coming. Unfortunately my Japanese is limited to ordering a beer (in writing only!) so I can’t tell you much from this flyer. The pictures show it to be a Vietnam version with modifications made ‘in country’, i.e. M113 gun shield and armour, chicken wire grill on the front, searchlight and ‘Nam era crew. However the bustle rack appears to be the early version which was usually replaced by a more capacious version when the other upgrades were made. This may of course be an option. We’ll have to wait and see. More news as we get it.

UPDATE: 15th Oct. 2018: Now showing on Hannants website as ‘Future Release’ @ £40.49 (10% discount on list price). Also listed as ‘Future Release’ : Sheridan M551 Metal Barrel (designed to be used with Tamiya TA35365 kits) @ £15.99.


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