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0.4mm Hexagonal Bolt Heads


These 0.4mm hexagonal bot heads scale out at 28.8mm or 1 1/8″ for 1/72nd scale, or 14mm or 1/2″ for 1/35th scale.

Product Description

These have been produced for Chris Lloyd-Staples for his own use, and he has given his surplus to us to sell in the Shop.  So no more need to punch out your hexagonal bolt heads using a punch and die set.  A bag of these should keep even the most energetic scratchbuilder or converter happy for many years.  You can either fix them down using a tiny drop of gloss varnish, or a thin superglue if you hold it down with the tip of a scalpel blade and let the glue run underneath it by capillary action.

The price includes packing and first class post in the UK for a single item.


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