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British Army Bastion 1/72nd scale kit


A 1/72nd scale three-part kit of a British Army Bastion made of lead-free pewter, as used by the British Army in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

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Product Description

This is a 1/72nd scale kit made of lead-free pewter.  It was originally made for a friend in South Wales MAFVA. who wanted to make a 1/72nd scale diorama of a checkpoint in Bosnia.  It is also suitable for use in Iraq, and in Afghanistan, and is how Camp Bastion got its name.  The master pattern was made using a manufacturer’s brochure.

It is made up of three parts, the two sides and a top.  Glue the sides together and then fit the top over them. The bastion shown here was spray painted using a rattle can from Humbrol, Desert Tan 237.  Once it is touch dry, go over it with a tissue or cotton bud to take the paint off the metal cage  around the outside of the bastion, or scrape the paint off with a blade.  Finish off by adding sand or stone dust (this one has limestone dust in it) to the cup shaped top.  Give it a light spray with water to dampen it, then apply diluted PVA glue and leave to set.

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