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Resicast announces its 2021 range


It’s always good to hear from our friend Graham Sellar at Resicast particulary when the messages is about new kits, however this time the message is bittersweet because along with some great new introductions Graham has had to introduce some new trading measures due to Brexit. That’s bad news for UK based members. This is copied directly from Graham’s latest mail shot:

The UK is no longer part of the EEC and this means a number of changes!
EEC – Belgian VAT (21% VAT) will be charged on all order under £135.00
However all invoices will be in Euros and thus the exchange rate will no doubt affect the above.
(£135.00 = approx 150.00 Euro as of 01 January 2021)
An invoice and custom declaration CN 22/23 will now be included with all orders.
There should be no customs duties to pay in the UK but there could be handling charges.
Order under £135.00 can be done via the Eshop.
On orders above £135.00 no EEC – Belgian VAT (21%) will be charged.
An invoice and custom declaration CN 22/23 will be included with all orders.
However, you will have to pay UK VAT, UK Custom duties and no doubt handling charges.
Orders over £135.00 can only be done by contacting me direct:
The UK being no longer part of EEC, postage has increased considerably (approx 10%)
Postage delays will no doubt occur and RESICAST cannot be held responsable for these.
Finally, RESICAST cannot be held responsible for any extra duties/charges from UK customs.
In case of problem, only the EEC/Belgian laws apply.
To end things, it will no longer be possible for RESICAST to attend shows in the UK as this is no
longer possible under the new commercial agreements between the EEC & the UK.

So having got the bad news out of the way let’s take a look at the new introductions…


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