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Review – CHALLENGER 2 MAIN BATTLE TANK 1998 to present, Dick Taylor,


CHALLENGER 2 MAIN BATTLE TANK 1998 to present, Dick Taylor, Haynes 2018, ISBN 978 1 78521 190 4

One hundred years after the tank appeared on WW1 battlefields Challenger 2 is Britain’s most formidable tracked weapon of today. Exhaustively tested, it has up-to-date computerised control systems, new turret, new main armament, new fire control systems, new vision devices, new NBC and air conditioning systems; new engine power pack; and is better protected by new armour and low visibility designing.  Following the Haynes format, the book takes the technical angle with contributions from former users; the development description has insights into design and MoD procurement procedures; the anatomy chapter occupies almost a third of the book; and the walk-around photos show much of the complex interior and engine bay.  Dedicated training simulators enable crew mastery of sophisticated operating systems, proving their value in campaigns in the Balkans and famously in the Second Gulf War, the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  Variants on the Challenger 2 chassis include: the Trojan engineer vehicle, Titan bridgelayers, and driver training vehicles. This is as detailed description as will be found on how this in-service British MBT works without breaching classified data regulations.  Thanks to Haynes for the review sample.                                                                                                                                   John Ham November 2018.


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